I have chosen to distinguish between consulting services in the narrow sense which include a survey phase, but also concrete recommendations, and a form of support to their implementation, from studies realised on the demand of an organisation.

The surveys of this entry could also have been assimilated as research activities. Some have indeed taken the form of research bilateral contracts, and a lot of them allowed for publications.

Nevertheless, it seemed to me interesting to distinguish these specific studies, lying somewhere between research and consulting, leading to a report submitted to a sponsor organisation (some of them made public, but others keeping confidential).


Internal Resources

Some of these studies are close to consulting activities (especially monographic studies), some - not necessarily others - are closer to research. Indeed, they sometimes resulted in publications.

Custom surveys

Studies in partnership with a company

Monographic studies

2007/2008 : Study realised with S. Chevreuil for Peugeot-Citroën Automobiles on the effect of patenting on R&D employees' (mainly engineers) motivation

=> Corbel, P. & Chevreuil, S., Etude de l’effet du dépôt de brevets et du système d’incitation associé sur la motivation dans les bureaux d’études, research report submitted to PSA Peugeot-Citroën, March 2008, 63 p. => Summary

More general vocation surveys

2014/2017 : Participation to the  "baromètre de la PI" (IP barometer) Lavoix 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 (contribution to the elaboration of the questionnaire and analysis of the collected data on strategic aspects of the survey)

=> The main 2014 results were included in a report that was made available on Les Echos website ; a public presentation was also made through a roundtable meeting in May 2014 - the key elements were summarized in a video.

=> A public presentation of the 2015 results was made through a roundtable meeting in May 2015 - the key elements were summarized in a video, that can be seen on the cabinet Lavoix website.

=> The main conclusions of the 2017 report were taken up by the specialised press (for an example).

Studies in partnership with professional organisations

2011/2012 : Survey on the point of view of firms on their relations with public research centers in partnership wit the MEDEF (the main employer organisation in France)

=> Corbel, P., Rapport sur l’étude ‘Les relations recherche publique – industrie : attentes, points de tension et convergences’, report submitted to the MEDEF, February 2012, 59 p. => Summary

2009/2011 : Initiation and coordination of a research programme on the use of patents in both companies and state-owned organisations in partnership with ASPI (Association des Spécialistes en Propriété Industrielle de l'industrie)

=> Corbel, P., Rapport intermédiaire sur l’utilisation stratégique du brevet dans les entreprises françaises, progress research report submitted to ASPI, December 2009, 40 p. => Summary

=> Corbel, P. ; Bonhomme, Y. & Chomienne, H., Le rôle de la PI dans les relations entre laboratoires publics et industriels, research report submitted to ASPI, December 2009, 40p. => Summary

=> Corbel, P., Rapport sur l’utilisation stratégique du brevet en France, research report submitted to ASPI, February 2011, 70 p. – published in La lettre de l’observatoire de la propriété intellectuelle, n°15, July 2011 => Summary

2004/2007 : Coordination of the "MINE France" research project on "IT, innovation & value creation" for the LAREQUOI research centre, part of an international project (Managing Innovation in the New Economy, led by Prof. R. Miller, Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal). The French part of the project was based on case studies of large firms realised with the support of the CIGREF (Club Informatique des Grandes Entreprises Françaises)

=> Corbel, P. ; Denis, J.P. et Taha, R., De l’articulation entre systèmes d’information, innovation et création de valeur – synthèse à l’issue du cas Société Générale, progress report – MINE programme, April 2005, 20 p.

=> Corbel, P. ; Lavoisier, L.M. et Taha, R., De l’articulation entre systèmes d’information, innovation et création de valeur – synthèse à l’issue du cas Framatome, progress report – MINE programme, September 2006, 20 p.

=> Corbel, P. et Denis, J.P. for the Larequoi MINE team, Quelques jalons pour une nouvelle gouvernance des SI, programme MINE France report, Cigref, December 2007, 85 p. => Summary


No ongoing survey.


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