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Gestion 2000 2004

Corbel, P. « Les citations de brevets comme indicateur d'influence sur un standard industriel », Gestion 2000, Vol.21, No 4, November-December 2004, pp. 15-32


After placing this study in the broader context of the literature on the strategies to impose a standard, mainly through the strategic management of intellectual property rights, we examine the evolution of the influence of the leading players in the microcomputer market on successive generations of data buses. This study is based on an analysis of patent filings relating to each of these buses and citations of these patents. This study highlights the contrasting evolution of the influence of IBM and Intel on industry standards. It also highlights some potential and limitations of this method applied within such an analytical framework. In addition to a more historical approach that provides in-depth knowledge of the sector, it could be a good tool for measuring the influence of different players on an industry standard.


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