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PMP 2012

Attarça, M.; Chomienne, H. and Corbel, P. « Imitation et contextualisation dans la mise en oeuvre des politiques publiques : le cas de la stratégie de l’État français en matière de propriété intellectuelle », Politiques et Management Public, Vol.29, No 3, March 2012, pp. 473-491


This article deals with public policies on innovation and intellectual property. It aims to show that there is a form of paradoxical tension in this area between the desire of public officials to imitate certain North American-inspired models and the desire to adapt these models to the specific features of the national institutional context. The article is based on a study of the introduction in 2011 of a new system for promoting innovations known as 'France Brevets'. The genesis and implementation of this scheme reflect the growing hybridisation between the public and private sectors, as well as the accelerating import of 'generic' solutions to public problems from one national context to another. Even if it remains experimental, the "France Brevets" initiative reflects an evolution in the frame of reference for public action, focused on the search for measurable performance. This initiative also reflects a pragmatic public approach: with France Brevets, the State is positioning itself as a supporter - or facilitator - of a research 'market', both public and private, that is undergoing radical change.


The article is available in open access on Politiques et Management Public's website => Direct access to the PDF file.


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