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Corbel, P., Management stratégique des droits de la propriété intellectuelle, Paris : Gualino éditeur, coll. Mémentos LMD, May 2007, 204 p.


Limiting the technical and legal aspects to the minimum necessary for understanding the issues and strategies at stake, this book aims to show how and why intellectual property rights can be tools at the service of a company's general strategy. Starting from the potential contributions of these rights, the author develops the different roles they can play, individually but also in combination with other resources at the service of the company's strategy. In the form of an orderly, comprehensive and accessible summary, he raises awareness of the importance of intellectual property rights, the opportunities they provide and the threats they generate.

Target readers: Students in management and engineering schools. Professionals of intellectual property rights. Consultants.


The book can be purchased by clicking on the image below.

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