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Corbel, P. « Le brevet : un outil de coopération/exclusion », Proceedings of the colloquium « Les stratégies concurrentielles : nouvelles approches, nouveaux enjeux » (Competitive strategies: New approaches, new stakes), IRG/PRISM, Marne-la-Vallée, November 2003, article published in J. Le Goff and F. Bensebaa, Stratégies concurrentielles : le renouveau théorique en pratique, éditions EMS, Caen, June 2005, pp. 23-47


The paper presents an analysis of technology dependency networks between large companies in the IT, telecoms equipment and electronics sectors using patent citations. We then study the impact on start-ups seeking to penetrate these markets. This study highlights the ambivalent nature of patents used as a bargaining chip: they become a tool for cooperation, but this function leads to the exclusion of companies that have nothing to offer in return for access to technology exchange networks.

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