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Gestion 2000 2003

Corbel, P. « Propriété intellectuelle et externalités de réseau : le cas d’Intel et de la micro-informatique », Gestion 2000, Vol.20, No1, January-February 2003, pp.103-120


This article is based on an analysis of the intellectual property rights management strategies of three companies in the IT sector (Intel, IBM, and Rambus). Three propositions emerge from the comparison of the contrasting strategies of these three players (Intel's strategy is examined in greater detail):

  1. A hybrid policy between protection and openness is more effective than a strategy focused on one of the two options.
  2. The various tools for protecting intellectual property are more effective when combined than used individually.
  3. The right mix of protection and dissemination varies over time depending on the company's main objectives and competitive situation.


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