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AGRH 2002

Corbel, P. « La prise en compte des stratégies technologiques dans le cadre d’une approche par les ressources et les compétences : un défi pour les systèmes de GPEC », Proceedings of the 13th AGRH (Association francophone de Gestion des Ressources Humaines) Conference, Nantes, November 2002, Volume 1, pp.419-430


This paper is a reflection on the conditions and difficulties of taking technological innovation and its effects into account in GPEC (Forwardlooking Management of Careers and Skills) systems within the framework of an approach based on resources and skills. It combines the results obtained in our doctoral thesis with the theoretical contributions of the resource-based approach to technological management. The result is a proposal for an integrative model hampered by the complex synthesis of antagonistic elements: quantitative or qualitative analysis, adjustment of resources to strategy or strategy to resources, and a system dominated by individuals or groups.


The article is available directly via the AGRH website.

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